Our Results

We were proud to have received and maintained a Level 1+ rating from Chicago Public Schools, the highest possible rating, after only our second year of operation and to maintain that rating for our third year of operation, our most recent rated year.

This rating takes into account several crucially important factors in any school--the amount of growth students show in their time with us, their level of attainment and absolute performance compared to their peers nationally and student attendance. 

We are proud to have growth in the top 1% nationally for math and the top 2% nationally for reading. Our students are averaging at grade level despite coming in on average dramatically below. Of all charters in the city of Chicago, our school had the highest growth in math and the second highest growth in reading. Our students achieve on an absolute scale as well, already ranking in the top 25% for reading and top 36% for math despite only having been open for two full years.

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