Petition to Support Chicago Collegiate Charter School

To Frank Clark, President of the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education, and all Members of the Board:

I am a proud supporter of Chicago Collegiate Charter School, and I strongly encourage you to approve Chicago Collegiate Charter School’s application for the 2017 Request for Proposals for New Schools for Chicago Collegiate Charter Elementary 2 and Chicago Collegiate Charter Elementary 3, opening in the Fall of 2019 and Fall of 2020, respectively.

Chicago Collegiate Charter School is a Level 1+ school for the second year in a row and one of the very few high-quality open enrollment options in our neighborhood.  For years, our families have asked us to consider expanding the educational options we can provide to serve elementary school students and create our K-12 continuum in the greater Roseland/Pullman community.

CPS Board, please approve Chicago Collegiate Charter School’s Request for Proposals for New Schools and provide our youngest students with the opportunity to benefit from a true college preparatory school, beginning in kindergarten.

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