Nationally, only 8% of students from low-income families complete college.

The single most important element of our school model is absolutely getting the most talented people on our team.

We need talented people in every position at our school. This is true of every staff position, and especially for our teachers. Great teachers are game-changers in a kid’s life.

We are hiring for the following positions for the 2017-2018 school year:

To apply, click here and send a resume to

If you are interested in a position you do not see here, please check back. As a growing school, positions are updated frequently. In the 2016-17 school year we currently have 34 full-time positions and two part-time positions.

To be a staff member, we think that it takes:

  • A strong belief in the ability of our kids to achieve at the highest levels. If you don’t believe 100% of our students can graduate from college, Chicago Collegiate is not the place for you.
  • A desire to get better. No matter if the teacher is a rookie or a national award winner like our founder, everyone in our building is committed to bettering and refining their practice so that we are better able to serve our students, and we also grow professionally in the process.
  • A team player. A mission as ambitious as ours requires that everyone work together very closely and builds on each other’s success. That can’t happen without strong collaboration, communication and trust.

We also value a demonstrated track record of success working with similar student populations, a focus on results, a strong work ethic that thrives in a fast-paced, start-up environment, self-awareness, openness to feedback, grit, gratitude and a sense of humor.

In return, we offer staff members:

  • Team. An inspiring team of hard-working and passionate individuals, which is focused on results and on improving every day. 
  • Leadership. Knowledgable, passionate educators that lead from inside and outside the classroom to ensure our students get the education they deserve.
  • Growth. Each person on our team pushes themselves and gets pushed to grow in a way that is professionally invigorating in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.
  • Impact. As a growing school, there’s an incredible opportunity to leave your personal imprint on our school, whether that’s starting a club for students about something you are passionate about, or selecting novels to become a part of our literary canon.
  • Opportunity. While we are just getting started with our initial site, we are eventually looking to grow into several schools and will look first for our leadership from within.
  • Fun. A workplace where everyone loves what they do and has fun working together to make an incredible difference in the lives of our students.